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Kyiv Modern Ballet. Romeo and Juliette. Shakespeare

28 May 2020, Thu. 19:00
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About event

Kyiv Modern Ballet. Romeo and Juliette. Shakespeare in Kyiv will take place in ICCA OCTOBER PALACE on 2020-05-28, 19:00. Get your tickets online or with courier delivery. Or make an order to collect them

at the nearest ticket box.

“Romeo and Juliet” (Shakespeare) in Kiev! On May 28, on the stage of the October Palace, the ballet of the eccentric Radu Poklitaru will charm everyone.

WHY IS IT WANT TO VISIT THE BALLET “Romeo and Juliet” (Shakespeare)?

1. Radu Poklitaru is the genius of modern ballet, his unexpected look at classical works adds a new flavor to well-known subjects.
2. The production has a unique creative concept, which demonstrates the fate of the most famous couple in love in history from a new angle.
3. Passion, drama, music, sensuality - all this intertwines and gives a new bouquet of impressions.

loud start

The official birthday of the Kyiv Modern Ballet Theater is October 25, 2006, when on the stage of the National Drama Theater named after I.Franko premiered the ballet Carmen. TV ". For its debut performance, the theater immediately received two awards, “Kiev Pectoral” in the nominations “Best Performance of the Year” and “Best Work of the Choreographer”.

Since then, Radu Poklitaru is a recognized genius of experimental ballet: his productions either capture from the first second, or cause surprise and interest. No one is indifferent!

Love, death and immortality

The ballet is based on the eternal work of William Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet”. Ballet begins with the inexhaustible history of Verona lovers. And the actors of the theater unwittingly become direct participants in the dramatic events described by Shakespeare. However, this is no longer a game. This is a real story in which the audience will discover the passionate and sensual world of the theater.