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25 June 2021, Fri. 19:00
from 27.68 EUR

About event

Krovostok in Kyiv! On June 25 at the JARD location in Kyiv - the cult rap band Krovostok with a big concert.

Why should you go to the concert of the band Krovostok in Kyiv?

  1. The long-awaited live of a cool band.
  2. Presentation of the seventh album 'Nauka' and all the hits.
  3. The most atmospheric event of the season.

Cult rap trio Krovostok with a concert in Kyiv

The legendary Krovostok project will take place on June 25 at the JARD concert venue. The kings of the Russian hip-hop underground have been successfully creating special content for almost 20 years, among the fans of which are people of different ages and social categories. Come to the band's concert in Kyiv to feel the power of Krovostok's lively creativity again.

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The best hits and the new album 'Krovostok': Bloodstream on the stage of JARD

For their Kyiv fans, the band has prepared a special program of new works from the album 'Krovostok' and the main tracks of previous years. The musicians created their seventh album for three years. And it pretty much trained the endurance of the fans. And finally, intelligent and creative musicians will provide a good evening for everyone.

Creativity of the Krovostok evokes surprisingly opposite emotions. On the one hand, there are absolutely intelligent participants. On the other hand - pure trash in the lyrics and outright criminal romance. Needless to say, the idea to create an artistic parody of gangsta rap turned out to be one hundred percent successful.

We are waiting for you with friends!

Where to buy tickets for the concert of the band Krovostok in Kyiv?

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