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Festival Contemporary
Dance Theatre

Festival Contemporary
Dance TheatreApril 25 -26
4 International Festival of Contemporary Dance Theatre ZELYONKA-FEST 1.4

April 25

Discovery 4 international festival of contemporary dance theater ZELYONKA-FEST 1.4

The program will open the festival performance by the famous Israeli choreographer Eldad Ben Sasson . New to Kyiv scene you can see the dancers' technical and unpredictable director , former lead singer of world-wide companies Batsheva Dance Company and Vertigo Dance Company.
To date izrailskiy modern dance is one of the most interesting in the world premiere performances and unique Eldada on the Ukrainian stage provides the fact that it presents a small show, which he created with the participation of 20 professional Ukrainian dance contemporary artists who are already established in Ukraine 's own speeches and performances.
Another "highlight" of the evening is the performance of Polish Dance Theatre Dada Von Bzdylow the 45 -minute play " Invisible duets " - infinity relationships and feelings between man and woman, ironic meetings, walks and narrative language of modern dance.

April 26

The second day of the festival will begin with a program the most prominent Ukrainian choreographers of contemporary dance. Each of them has a personality , which is clearly reflected in their work . Many of them have their own companies, are the authors of many performances and miniatures. First in Ukraine during the festival gathered choreographers from all over the country from the Crimea to the West and the East in order to prove that between us there is no contradiction, art brings people together regardless of their personal views and beliefs.

Among the participants of the case show Totem Dance Group Christina Shishkareva Santa Dance Company Ruslan Baranova, Black Orange Dance Theatre Anton Ovchinnikov, Kiev Modern Ballet Radu Poklitaru and many others.

Never Ukrainian choreographers were not going in such numbers on the same stage. Modern dance unites Ukraine!

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