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Roden. Eifman ballet

Roden. Eifman ballet

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The play transferred from 01.03. on 09.18.2014
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Roden. Eifman ballet

St. Petersburg Academic Ballet Theatre of Boris Eifman

Boris Eifman Ballet
Music by Maurice Ravel, Camille Saint -Saens, Massenet
Decorations - Zinovy ​​Margolin
Costumes - Olga Shaishmelashvili
Light - Gleb Filshtinsky, Boris Eifman

The National Opera of Ukraine . Shevchenko

National Entertainment Corporation is !
The best event in the world of ballet ! " Rodin " is devoted to the fate of creativity and great sculptors Auguste Rodin and his student , lover and muse Camille Claudel .

The story of their tragic passion. 15 years of Rodin and Claudel were one sense and creative whole. However, the gap occurred between the artists dealt a fatal blow to the mental health of Camilla , was the beginning of her downfall. Half-forgotten, and protect me from the world, living in poverty , Claudel is crazy . Painful idea of ​​a conspiracy directed against it , a major figure in which Camilla is seen Rodin , constantly tormented by a weakened mental disorder reason women.

As many as 30 years, was destined to spend it in the hospital for the insane , where Camille Claudel died in 1943 , forgotten and forsaken by all .

Boris Eifman's ballet " Rodin " - a large-scale artistic statement on the tragic life path geniuses. Using a unique visual language of modern psychological ballet , choreographed brilliantly honed in his previous productions ( "Onegin ," " The Seagull ," " Anna Karenina ," " Russian Hamlet ", etc.) , Eifman are not just a new understanding of the world of human passions , a virtuoso of the investigated Rodin and Claudel in their jobs , but creates a work of the unfathomable mystery of the creative process.

Word of Boris Eifman :
"The Life and Love of Rodin and Claudel - an amazing story of two artists in a complex, incredibly dramatic union which all weaved together: passion , hatred, jealousy creative . Spiritual and energy exchange , which took place between sculptors, unique: being close to Rodin , Camille does not only gave him the inspiration and helped find a new style and create masterpieces, but also experienced a rapid maturation of their talent, turned into a great master.

After parting with Rodin Claudel plunges into the darkness of insanity. Unfortunate soul incinerates pathological hatred for his former teacher and lover who had stolen as believed Camilla , her life and the gift . The new ballet Rodin anguish reflected on his muse , his conscience and flour generated by mental illness , intense morbid obsessions delirium Camilla - or rather, that mad Furies , which turned her into a ruthless fate .
Body language we speak in this play about passion, inner struggle , despair - all those aspects of life of the human spirit , which brilliantly depicts Rodin and Camille in bronze and marble . Invert a moment frozen in stone in unrestrained , emotionally saturated flow gestures - that is what I tried writing a new ballet .

The play " Rodin " - a reflection on the exorbitant price we have to pay for the creation of the immortal genius masterpieces. And, of course , about the pain and the mysteries of creativity that will always excite the artist.

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