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Theatre of Spanish dance and music


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Theatre "Duende Flamenco" - unique across Ukrainian community of talented artists who share a true and sincere love, devotion to art, culture, dance and flamenco music for already many years. The theater's mission - to inspire the viewer the beauty and magic of dance, music and culture of flamenco and Spanish. The uniqueness of the theater - it's a deep insight into the culture and origins of flamenco combined talent, fine artistic taste and high-performance skills, theater performances that makes no less spectacular than performances visiting artists of this art from Spain. Music and dance performances by - it's always a deep dive into the magical world of flamenco, during which every viewer will feel certainly incendiary , expressive , stunning Spain. This is - unique theatrical atmosphere created graceful artistic performance, live sound of musical instruments and stage lighting effects.

This time theatergoers expect a unique journey into the world of flamenco, which is promising theater actors, will not leave anyone indifferent spectator. All the grand history and evolution of this art in the images and emotions evoked by artists travel to memorable places south of Spain (Andalusia), collected in one performance. This is - the story of the development of flamenco history, travel story in ways artists of Ukraine, and at the same time mystical confession about the life in this magical art.

Music lovers and musicians expect exquisite motifs of flamenco music beginning of the XIX century to the present day fusion of flamenco music, classical and jazz. And fans will be able to see the flamenco dance in the performance of three wonderful Ukrainian dancers flamenco, as in the representation of the participating artists Kharkov theater studio flamenco «A solas con flamenco» (

More information about the theater and video excerpts from previous performances look at the web page of the theater:

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