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Steve Vai full Rock band


Sentrum -

Steve Vai full Rock bandSteve Vai
Full Band Live
Sentrum (Shota Rustaveli Street, 16a)
April 25

First with a rock show in Kiev Steve Vai (Steve Vai)!

Recognized genius of rock music, a virtuoso of virtuosos, who played with Frank Zappa, Public Image Limited and Whitesnake, three-time Grammy winner - the famous Steve Vai (Steve Vai) perform in Ukraine with a terrific show, reveals all the possibilities " tool of the twentieth century !" Steve Vai was in Ukraine with master classes, but with a full complement of musicians and a real rock show, champion of guitar skill Ukrainian fans will be able to see for the first time!

"Stunt Man" and "Italian virtuoso" - so called Steve Vai his idol and teacher, the great pioneer of avant-garde rock music, Frank Zappa. Not less than Zappa admired talent of his ward another mentor Vai - Joe Satriani, with whom they form a classic Duumvirate kings instrumental guitar music, G3, leaving close to a third place for new geniuses of sound and non-standard high-speed musical thinking. Satriani said something incredible disabled Wai able to rehearse and learn new moves to nine hours a day. In this sense, Steve can be called a true champion of the guitar case. As athletes, his sensational success (more than 15 million albums sold and the status of one of the most popular guitarists of our time) consists of 80% of the constant striving for perfection, and 20% of natural talent. That's why so Vai appreciate guitarists around the world - his experience shows that it is always possible to achieve a result, it would be hard work. However, his name is expensive and those who are not able to maintain a conversation about Mixolydian odds and diatonic chord progression - not just because Wai brilliant virtuoso, on whose account is not one innovative discovery in the art of performance, but also inspired the composer. Guitar sound of his work on albums by Ozzy Osbourne and David Lee Roth, and composition in numerous video games and movies - swift, catchy, overcomes the traditional possibilities of rock music and electronics.

And at the same time, the name of Steve Vai comes to mind is one of the first at the thought of transcendent level of mastery of the tool, along with John Petrucci, Robert Fripp, and Yngwie Malmsteen. No wonder that Wai repeatedly in agreement with them on stage as part of tours G3, glorified him as one of the best guitarists of our time.

Talents Vai not limit one guitar neck - in the literal sense ( one of the greatest tools at the service of the maestro is trehgrifovy monster, weighing nearly 20 kilograms), and figurative: Steve starred in the movie, played with national orchestras worldwide , founded his own guitar school , engaged in charity, and finally, convinced vegetarian, raises bees. Yes, songwriting with Steve Vai, as a vocalist, can not be called the most powerful party discography musician, but, tell me, who else of the world's musicians, realizing that he did not get the title of the best voice generation figured out how to get around this nuisance? Only Steve Vai, make his guitar sing cleaner, more accurate and more interesting the many voices in rock music - hear this sound hard to imagine that it is removed from the electric human fingers, however, knows how to surprise Wai!

Vai's creative method can be called conceptualism - even the most chaotic of his works, imbued with deep meaning and carry symbolic meaning. So, one of the most popular albums Wai, «Alive in an Ultra World», contains 16 tracks, each of which is devoted to one country - Japan, Canada, Romania and others. Or, if you take the seventh song on any recording license Vai, it certainly would be devastating ballad - this approach came to taste the many well-known groups, in particular, alternative metal legends - band Tool. Wai had a strong influence on the contemporary scene - love him recognized masters of guitar music such as James Shaffer of Korn, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave and Mike Eisinger of Incubus.

This year, Steve Vai says thirty years of artistic career and is in brilliant form. This is confirmed by the marginal congestion musicians performing around the globe.

Each concert Steve Vai - a triumph of virtuosity, incredible performance and synthesis of original material and, finally, an awesome show that leaves no one indifferent.

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