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PilotGroup Pilot
10 years - flight normal!

On April, 20th in Kiev takes place the anniversary concert of group PILOT, one of the brightest and scale musical projects existing today in cultural space of Russia …

History of the Pilot - a refutation of the thesis that in the world of modern rock is impossible to combine commercial success and creative independence.  The Pilot, executing music rather far from popular standards, is the demanded guest performer. Compact discs of the Pilot are on sale in impressive circulations.

PilotA basis of ideology of group - attempt of judgement of human essence through a prism of a modern society. The pilot does not execute songs of protests. More likely, it is concentrating attention of listeners on concrete social-cultural problems, gradually brings an audience to reflections about an essence of things.

The pilot during last years is the headliner of the largest rock festivals of Russia. In Russia the command for a long time ago has got the status of cult, and in Ukraine the Pilot will give the first and while a unique concert.

Dear customer, you can order and buy tickets on «Pilot», which will be - at The center of Culture and Arts of NAU You can buy E-ticket, payment VISA / Mastercard, or take advantage of the largest network of offices in Kyiv, or courier service. Download and order tickets through the Mobile app – All tickets without service fees!