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International Festival


с. Униж, Ивано-Франковская обл. -

International Festival
Artpole'2013ARTPOLE.IF / international art laboratory
Unizh, Ivano-Frankivsk region
July 8-12

ARTPOLE.IF - this art objects and performances, master classes, a children's program in the tipi and acoustic workshop tales documentary film / video poetry and interactive lectures / discussions in the open.

11/07 - new project from ATLAS ESTREMO Yuri Andruhovych and group KARBIDO / Ukraine-Poland

12/07 - a night of music
Mark Turner TRIO / Ukraine
VURAJ / Belarus
MAVIGIZ / Turkey
DUODUO / Ukraine
and laboratory projects ArtPole

video poetry and documentary

performances and objects in space
Miroslav Vajda / Jeanne Kadyrov / Ilona Silvashi / Jaroslav Prissyazhnyuk / Vitaliy Kohan / Anatoly Belov / Vlad Kramer / Yarema Stetsik / Benjamin Cope

Border - line. Lines delineate space. Lines connecting points in space. Dots and lines form patterns. Geometry borders on art. Your movement in space, the path line, designated a reflection of your tracks. Borders and ornaments - topic ArtPole year.

Details of the program and stay on

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