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The "Auktsion"
20 years album "Bird"

The Marks 20 years since the release of probably the most famous and popular album AuktYon "Птица". It is worth noting that the group leader Leonid Fedorov this plate is not particularly fond of . In a few years ago published a biography AuktYon " accounting book of life", written by journalist Michael Margolis, frontman Oleg Garkusha explains the reasons for this lack of love: "What Fedorov does not like "Bird" - no not a pose . Just this album is what is called for everyone , but not so on " F * ne " or even"Baghdad ...". Ibid quoted another old-timer AuktYon saxophonist Nicholas Rubanova : " After the success of " The Birds " has come a great temptation to put on a successful scheme stream. And every year, releasing albums such as " Bird- 2" or " Bird -2000", etc. But, fortunately, this did not happen with us".

"Bird" largely turned public opinion. Earlier AuktYon music for most people was " too independent, too alternative" , now the guys have managed to create an album that anyone can listen to - at this is not an iota of changing himself, his creativity and taste. hardly a man who had never heard of the "Road" for the true lovers AuktYon no greater celebration than to hear a concert "Bird " (a subtle hint). "My Love" "It is not late","Eyes", "Everything revolves", "Sleep, soldier" ... every song on your beautiful and amazing.
After his birthday group decided to play the whole concert program dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the plate. Such experiences have AuktYon already available. In 2010, in a concert hall MSC NAU "Fedorov & Co", celebrated twenty years since the release of " F * na " (or "Hollow").

December, 06 19:30, Kyiv, MSC NAU pr.Komarova 1.

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