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"Черный кофе"

1970th It was then that Dmitry Varshavsky first picks up a guitar and wrote his first song .
1981 The first professional recording of " Black Coffee" - composition " Flying Birds", written a wonderful sound engineer Yuri Bogdanov studio WFD "Melody" .
1982-1983 Dmitry Warsaw invites bass player Fyodor Vasilyev and drummer Andrew Shatunovskij . In this classical composition " Black Coffee " starts rehearsals of new songs . 1984 Easter night in Moscow club "Iskra" trio gives a recital. Recording the first magnitoalboma " Cheka '84 " ( Country , Light beam , Dead Souls , From roadside shade, Come all ... perturbation ) . The first tour in Kazakhstan . A large number of concerts , mostly in military units, determine the future success and fame " Black Coffee" across the country.
1985 Ministry of Culture of the USSR KGB Includes the notorious " black list" , which united many of the " unreliable" figures rock underground. Writing songs : Leaves Space Sounds , Black Coffee , Glows outside star Paints . Concert in Timiryazev Academy .
1985-1986 Second tour group in Kazakhstan lasted more than six months , has been played more than 360 concerts.
1986 The first "official" group in Moscow performance Rublyovo . Recording of songs : It's a rock ! Devil in the Flesh , Journey to Life , Bright metal reservoir Star , Vladimir Rus banner of peace , crossed the threshold ...
1987 Dmitry Varshavsky is made to work in the Mari State Philharmonic . While Andrei Shatunovskii wondered where to go to work : the Warsaw or new trio " Cruise 1 " manager Philharmonic Melik- Pashayev proposes to implement a program of professional musicians Cheka - accompanists , has worked at the Philharmonic and Chernjakova Kudishin . New musicians are learning the program this week and "Black Coffee" gets roadshow license.
This document entitles the official touring the open spaces of our vast country , where Demetrius and the company will meet crowded stadiums and sports palaces . At the same time there is a record of phonograms for records " Crossing the threshold " ( the first " heavy " LP in the country) in the studios of "Melodies " , then a series of concerts in Moscow, May 2-6 at the Central Tourist House , September 8-13 - Sports Palace "Friendship". Test of fame - a serious examination . Kudishin broke a couple of months c syndrome star disease , and was replaced by rhythm guitarist Igor Andreev . December 13 the band performs at the festival "Rock -Panorama '87 " Small Sports Arena in Luzhniki.
1988 " Black Coffee " is involved , along with the stars of world music in the festival "San Issidro 1988" , held in Madrid on May 6-15 . Summer concerts Cheka group opened " computer" ( Monin / Bezuglyi ) , in which he played drummer Andrew Peppers . Warsaw invites him to record an album " Free - Will" - by the time Sergei Chernyak for health reasons could not cope with the new HC . At the same time, appeared as part of the organist - Boris debt. Peppers long and instantly entered the new material , and in December 1988 in the studio Vitaly Bogdanov "Orion" for the week was recorded the album " Free - Will" .
1989-1991 " Black Coffee " participates in festivals "Monsters Of Rock". The first festival was held August 31 - September 3, 1989 at the stadium "Metallurg" in Cherepovets.
1990 goes on sale shellac " Free - Will" . A Warsaw Vasilyev and Shatunovsky recorded the song "What's The Answer / Where the answer? " and "Golden Lady / Lady autumn ." Video clips "Golden Lady" in New York , then " Black Coffee " is sent on a tour of major cities in Sweden.
In March 1991 ready and new English-language album - "Golden Lady". Summer is shooting another video - "Shaking Baby" ( A. Peppers drummer ) , and autumn tour Cheka cities Denmark.
From 1992 soundtracks recorded in 1987-1992 was compiled album " Autumn Lady " , but it was released only in 1996 on CD-ROM , in the same year on CDs there were records of "Black Coffee" before entering into magnitoalboma , demo albums and records .
1994 December 31, 1994 New Year's Eve "Black Coffee" gives his first concert in Beverly Hills, 90210 , just opposite the Hotel California ( yes, that "Hotel California"). And you can guess , this is where first performed "California" Warsaw ( in 1996 it will appear in the album " Drunken Moon " ) .
1995 1 January 1995 HC moves to the East Coast of the USA . Through the efforts of manager Rafael Deli, from New Jersey to begin a tour which , passing from east to west by cities large and small, will end with a series of concerts in rock clubs in Los Angeles in March-April 1995.
1995-1996 Dmitry Varshavsky with producer Matthew Anechkina begin work on a new album , the record is held in a California studio USMP (Los Angeles). In the summer of 1996 the new album " Drunken Moon " is released in Germany on CD-ROM , and the Warsaw Anechkina to work in Beverly Hills on the new material : "I'm not injured - I killed," "The Ninth Day", " Goodbye ", " wharf" Castle of Love. "
1997-1998 Warsaw creates a studio in Los Angeles "Black Coffee", where in addition to American rock bands work and our star Sergey Sarychev , Matthew Anechkina , Alexander Marshall .
1999 March 6. Concert " Black Coffee : Back to Moscow" ( KC "Meridian" ) . In May, Dmitry Varshavsky invited to one of the main roles in the rock opera "Word and Deed" Paul laughed . Starring Victor Proskurin busy , Dmitry Singers, Viktor Rakov .
2000 HC nominated for the awards ceremony for the " highest achievements in the field of rock music" and received first prize in the nomination " Comeback of the Year ." By " The Mystery of Sound" CD " Light Metal " published record 1984 -1986 period. Presentation concert held on July 13 in Moscow Rock Club.
2001 Dmitry Varshavsky and Paul Smeyan studios " Lenkoma " complete mixing and mastering of the opera " word and deed ." Company " Mystery of Sound" releases on CD album "Golden Lady". The album included a video clip "Shaking Baby". " Black Coffee " - Headliner at the " Hard Rock Heroes " held May 1 at the Palais des Sports "Jubilee" in St. Petersburg . Autumn in the Moscow concert presents the world's first live audio - album " They demons ."
2002 Performances of "Black Coffee" in Russian cities collect thousands of old and new fans , and the largest Russian company zvukovypuskayuschaya " Frost records" contracts for the release of a new album rock band. The studio is recording new songs , and finalized phonograms recorded in 1996 in Los Angeles. Summer new album " White Wind" is available for sale .
2003 For the first time on CD " Frost records" go legendary albums " crossed the threshold " and " Free - Will" . Album " Crossing the threshold " is published in its original form - in 1987 the Soviet censors did not miss on a phonograph song "Banner of Peace " and " Light Metal " .
2004 studios " Lenkoma " written long-awaited album " They Demons " already a favorite with the audience in a live performance . The CD contains 10 new songs and videos " church ." With the support of "Radio Russia" begins the annual rock band tour of Russian cities .
2005 Passing on tour across the country, Dmitry Warsaw in October in the studios " Lenkoma " starts recording a new album. In December, the studio work completed , the album named "Alexandria" .
In the spring of 2006 in the program D. Dobrynin on "Radio Russia" the All-Russia premiere of songs from the album " Alexandria " . Company "Nikita. Ru" acquires rights to new record " Black Coffee" for proliferation via mobile phones. " Frost records" contracts for the release of all the albums " Black Coffee" on disks MP3.

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