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Green Theatre
September 18, 2014

Tickets from 150 to 450 hryvnia.
Tickets are now on sale!

AntytilA - autumn recital in the "Green Theatre"

Prominent Kiev autumn concert of antibodies - is September 18, 2014. Antibodies meeting place with metropolitan fans will be "Green Theatre".

It is at the stage of "Green Theatre" a presentation of an unusual concert, the main highlight of which will be a performance by a string quartet.

Surprisingly successful experiment new arrangements of famous songs, which took place during the spring tour final "Over the poles," became the impetus of a new direction and a completely different concert programs, which can be heard September 19, 2014.

How many songs with a string quartet will be offered for consideration by the audience, whether Taras Poplars, vocalist antibodies play the violin, and what other surprises ready-made AntytilA to a concert in the "Green Theatre", we learn later.

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