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Gold Barrel

Gold Barrel
On December, 8th, in the Kiev Palace of Sports, the Second Ceremony of the international musical premium " the Gold Barrel" delivery takes place.

Visitors and participants of Ceremony: 
Boris Moiseyev, Dima Bilan, Jeanne Aguzarova, Anton Zatsepin, Stas Pjeha, "Not pair", "A-studio", "Gang", Alexa, Pierre Nartsiss, Tina Karol, Any Lorak, Irina Bilyk, "Alibi", Tatyana Nedelskaja, Gallina, Vladimir Grishko, Michael Poplavsky, Victor Green, Vitaly Kozlovsky, Gaytana, Victor Pavlik, "Ex-presidents", "Not angels", "SMS", "Aviator", "Talita Kum", "Druga Rika", "TNMK", Assol, Jury Fedotov, Kamalia and other stars.



Leaders: Dima Bilan and Tina Karol.


Organizers reserve the right to themselves to change and supplement a cast.

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