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Vladimir Kuzmin

Vladimir KuzminDear viewers! Due to the fact that in the October Palace at this time is not quite favorable conditions for a concert, performance Vladimir Kuzmin moved from March 2 to May 27. Place the same. Thank you for your understanding!

After triumphant concerts in Moscow and the Kremlin Palace concert hall "Coliseum" St. Petersburg Vladimir Kuzmin and the " Speaker" is sent on tour in Ukraine.

In Kiev, the concert will be held on  MTSKI " October Palace."This performance promises to be truly a highlight of the year for fans of the legendary singer , composer , poet and musician . It was during this concert will be held presentation of new album " Endorphin " , the songs of which are already firmly taken place in the hearts of admirers of Vladimir Kuzmin.

But do not forget the maestro and his major hits of past years. Especially for fans of "Dynamics" of 80th and 90th will feature time-tested composition , under which the author aptly remarked , " millions of people fall in love, get married and give birth to new generations of music lovers". 

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