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Vyacheslav Malegjik

Vyacheslav MalegjikToday his name is well-known to judges of music. He debuted as the singer in 1967 in group "Gyes". Then he worked in group "Mosaic", and after - in very popular then groups "Cheerful children", "Blue guitars" and "Flame". He represented himself as the soloist of group, and his spontaneity so peculiar to his performances now, was very characteristic. In addition to participation in groups, he has started to write the self-albums which in a moment have there drawn attention of public. 

Malegjik has developed absolutely inimitable way of execution which emphasizes charm of his voice, and has created the new music world existing separately from rock, pop and a rock-and-roll of executors. His songs represent excellently made connection of poems (the some poems are written by him, the others - by wellknown Russian poets), arrangements and distinctive style of execution. Vyacheslav Malegjik


"Recently I had been asked, do I feel the breath of younger in a back. I have told, that we are runnind in the different directions".

V. Malegjik

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