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Valery Meladze

Valery MeladzeValery Meladze
With Symphony Orchestra
" 20 stories of love"
The National Palace of Ukraine

One of the most popular artists of the Russian platform , " the last romantic ", temperamental and romantic Meladze again in Kiev!

1 and 2 November 2013 all the spectators at the Palace "Ukraine" expects soulful evening in the company of this man , one of the most charismatic performers of post-Soviet space. Despite their regalia and services , Honored Artist of Russia Valery Meladze, as no one else knows how , during his speech to recreate a room atmosphere of warmth and trust between him and the audience , to establish the invisible dialogue and mutual understanding , the result of which is the incredible emotions and feelings that can not be describe in words. Creative tandem Valeria and his brother Konstantin Meladze , posh voice timbre of one of the rare gift of songwriting and the other is an example of the unique style and exquisite taste, and each of their joint creation resonates with appreciative listeners.
The program, which Meladze wishes to acquaint the students in Kiev, called the " 20 stories of love." 20 stories, each of which is a separate , sophisticated tale of love. 20 stories - it's different stories about love: happy, distant , alluring and desirable . This is the true story of deep feelings, told in a unique , inimitable style Meladze. Music that Constantine writes , lyrical, romantic and touching and heartfelt lyrics , melodic and sensual.

At the scene, along with Valery Meladze but his group of musicians will be a great symphony orchestra.
" For a number of old songs - not so much songs of recent years , and very fresh . The decision to play with the orchestra due to the fact that even in the very first arrangements of bones originally intended party string instruments , the orchestra at all . But it was some kind of record sampler sounds like a forced measure . Still be better than with a real orchestra is not sound . By the way, with me on the road for many years goes instrumental quartet that adds speech breath of life "- shared Meladze in an interview.

1 and 2 November 2013 filled the Palace "Ukraine" more than once will cause Valery Meladze "encore" to once again along with him to sing one of his songs have such friends . And he will be going on stage again to once again to please his fans . There will be flowers and applause , smiles and sadness, the warm feelings and endless emotions. Everything is exactly as in the songs of Valery Meladze. It is stunningly beautiful !

Клип Валерия Меладзе "Небеса"

Валерий Меладзе feat. Вахтанг - Свет уходящего солнца

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