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Несчастный случай
Перенос концерта

Несчастный случай
Перенос концерта

Dear viewers!

Concert postponed from 29.03. on 24.10.2014g. All tickets are valid.

Thank you for your understanding!

"Tridtsatilogiya" group "Несчастный случай" in Ukraine

Dear fans of good music in Ukraine!
You waited. We travel to you.

You probably already know that there is a new science - " Tridtsatilogiya ." Is the science of how to properly celebrate the thirtieth and fun . A series of practical work took place in the autumn 2013 during the anniversary tour and ended the demonstration performances on November 30 in Moscow Crocus City Hall .

If many years ago we were told that we will perform concerts devoted to such a solid date , we probably would have believed. Anyway, in this we have believed faster than what we live in a completely different country and will go to Ukraine , as in a foreign country .

Despite solidnyyvozrast , we have something to surprise respectable publiku.Krome new science we gave all our fans a new "old" album - record early songs "accident ", which for various reasons were never recorded in the studio. The album is called " Chasing bison ", released as a digital media and on vinyl - for true connoisseurs and collectors. We bring it too .

At this time the "accident" is not limited to a visit to Kiev, and visit your favorite city, where the team is always waiting . Ukrainian our listeners , we present the best of the anniversary program , so - all the best for 30 years.

Tour Schedule " Tridtsatilogiya " in Ukraine:
March 25 - Kharkov, HATOB
March 26 - Dnepropetrovsk , DC ENGINEERING
March 28 - Odessa, UKRAINIAN THEATRE
Official site of:

«Овощное танго»

«На фиг на фиг»

«Генералы песчаных карьеров»

«Шла Саша по шоссе»

«Суета сует»

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