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Musical Band
of Peter Nalitch

Musical Band
of Peter NalitchBy breaking all the templates of modern pop music and performing one's mental command , Peter Nalitch jumped a few years ago, first to the Moscow stage as hell out of the pipe with the glory of success for a third album makes pop music . Music with great emotional range of songs - from minor motifs that resonate hysterical notes in each of the Slavic soul to the sprightly gypsy songs , full of subtle, with great taste and professionalism.

Having taught his fans second plate "twist Baburi " ( Merry Baburi , 2010), and understand the English warped , Peter Nalitch literally created the music sect named after himself , all that you want to start with the first word " sugar packet ."

Talented Nalitch talented in everything . Peter A. himself engaged in almost all graphic design for your team. The deliberate simplicity and minimalism almost peyntovskih labels and covers corporate site underscore the " nationality" of creativity IDPC . Get at least a snake second album , carved out of a cardboard box and make a mockery already sounding formulaic fashion excessive covers and complex layouts of all the visuals that accompany the products of modern popular music performers.

Lyric tenor Peter available, melodic and extraordinary exempting some Neapolitan note, strangely echoes the traditional Russian city romance sounds fresh and looks absolutely perfectly on the club scene . Positive irony cheerful ethnic motives Poland , Guatemala , Cuba, and God knows what other countries celebrate a mini- orchestra - team with sincerity and pleasure, without trying to " fall " in the vulgar Balkan music . The ideal ratio of pathos and mockery coexist in the new incarnation of the genre of art song on the very brink of caricature of the Soviet initiative. Yes this is just a personal Peter Nalicha perfect recipe for a modern Slavic listener nostalgic somewhere subcortex union past and immediate demands in today's realities on the extraordinary creativity. This music is no longer just Russia .

Meet - " Peter Nalitch " on November 30 in the MSC NAU.

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