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Emma Shapplin

Emma ShapplinNovember 4, 2013 at the National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" will be the only concert of Emma Shapplin in Kiev!

In his work, Emma Shapplin joined the romance of Italian opera of the 19th century , and modern electronic rhythms . The owner of sensual soprano , beautiful , elegant Frenchwoman will perform for you their best hits . Her show will be the most vivid and memorable musical event .
Emma Shapplin - the superstar of the world stage , a unique singer , which can not be imitated , and her show can not be repeated . Shaw Emma Shapplin - this is the best vocal and musical variations , different styles of music - opera , pop -rock, synth- pop and neo-classical . The show, which it is impossible to break away . Emma Shapplin win you over !

Emma Shapplin started her musical career with a performance of classical music , having received the necessary knowledge from different teachers . But under the influence of life circumstances , Emma two years left on his dreams about the opera and rock began to execute . "I remember every time I hear opera singing - I almost cried. But at the time said to myself - it's not for me. So I joined a rock band , "- says Emma . During this time, she finally realized that he could not live without opera. Despite the fact that rock music has given her a certain artistic freedom and learned to use the lower range of her remarkable voice, Emma dreamed of a desire to turn back time and sing songs only in the style that it is close to nature. Destiny has given her a chance. Emma visited the Paris Opera, where finally realized that she really wants from life. "It was Mozart's opera " Don Giovanni " . She gave me one of the strongest wonderful experiences . I sat on the balcony and just wanted to jump and fly . I cried . It was an awesome , wonderful experience. And then I realized that I just love this music . That's mine! "- Says Shapplin . It was after that with the help of well-known musicians and a wide range of genres in the industry , Emma has decided to create his own style. She chose a unique kind of music , which combined a variety of musical styles : opera , lyric poetry , modern trance and synth- pop . His first two albums , French-speaking singer , recorded mainly in medieval Italian, because Emma believes that " it is the language that sounds natural and leaves plenty of room for the imagination of dreamers . Words and expressions in the songs carefully podobranny and archaic . "
Each album Shapplin - a fairy tale . If her first album «Carmine Meo» created with a sense of what a small world of fire and earth , her second album «Etterna» You can imagine how the world surrounded by water and air. This world came out of the fog . There are fabulous characters seek and find your way through the darkness and the ocean. Their images are reflected in the depth of the water and wait for rescue . Album «Carmine Meo» repeatedly became multi-platinum . It sold over two million copies in 25 countries. Album «Etterna» Emma Shapplin allowed sprodyusirovat fascinating show in which she was both creator and performer. For many years «Etterna Show» she traveled around the world. Each performance of Emma on the show , causing sea of applause from the audience . With this concert Shapplin toured the Acropolis in Athens , at the Olympic Games in Greece, at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow, at the Opera House in Singapore , Israel , the Netherlands , Tunisia , in Monaco, gave a concert in the open air temple on the site of a huge in Bali. The last album of Emma Shapplin «Macadam Flower» was released in 2010 . It combines pop music singer with the electronic . The album was recorded in 3 languages ​​- English, French and poetic , an ancient Italian. It was her last song showed that Emma Shapplin no equal in her musical style , she is not afraid of change. "I think I kissed God . He gave me a good tool , however , I do not know whether I use it how God wants it. I'm just trying to be honest with myself , "- says Emma . Her songs are full of sensuality and soulfulness . It is not only the neoclassical diva with the voice of the soprano , but also a singer with a fresh style of music and new vocal interpretations that creates the music of the future , with challenging and exciting combinations of soft-rock , pop and neo-classicism . It is in this album, Emma has shown itself not only by the performer, but also acted as a songwriter . Its authorship has introduced a new trend in art . Shapplin songs fascinate , inspire, uplift the audience to heights of sensuality and beauty.

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