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Alexander Martsinkevich
and the "Cabriolet"

Alexander Martsinkevich
and the The ensemble "Cabriolet" was formed in 1994 under direction of Alexander Martsinkevich. During existence the group has passed the big way - from restaurant musicians up to the collective acting in concert halls. Show-group had successfull tours in Czechia, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Bulgaria.

In 1995 the collective became owner Gran-pri of the World festival in Poland.

In 1997 - the winner of festival of the Variety song of Russia in Moscow.

In 1999 the premium the Silver key in St.-Petersburg.

In 2000 the Nominee of the Premium of St.-Petersburg in a nomination " Opening of year in the field of culture ".

In 2000 on international Moskovsk festival of gipsy art they won a gold medal.

In 2001 the Nominee of the Premium of St.-Petersburg in the field of " the Variety Actor of year ".

In 2002 in the Kremlin palace delivery of the premium " the Chanson of year ".


"We come to you with open heart"

Alexander Martsinkevich.

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