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Vienna Strauss Philharmonic Orchestra

Vienna Strauss Philharmonic OrchestraThe Vienna Philharmonic Strauss Orchestra will have a short tour across Ukraine and will give concerts in three cities - Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk to Odessa on in the time of 20-22 December for the first time their history.
The basis of the collective´s repertoire consists of Haydn, Brahms, Mozart's masterpieces and others representatives of a dynasty of Strauss and other classics.
The musicians of an orchestra are highly professionals from Vienna, and also their colleagues from all Europe.
The Vienna philharmonic Strauss Orchestra have had successfully tours across Europe (Germany, Romania, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria). The activity of collective is directed on preservation and development of musical culture of Vienna and its advance at the European and international level. 
The chief conductor and one of founders of an orchestra – Andras Deak is an authoritative maestro with long-term successful career. In 1995 he was called as one of the best Hungarian conductors at the International television competition of conductors of Janos Ferenchik. Also Deak gave concerts in many famous concert halls with the leading orchestras of the world:
with the Philharmonic orchestra Calgary (Canada) in Jack Singers Hall (Calgary); 
at Orpheus theater in Vancouver with the Vancouver Opera Orchestra;
in Kennedy Center in Washington with the Baltimore Symphonic Orchestra;
 in Chicago with an orchestra well-known Chicago 'The lyrical opera'.
In 2006 Andras Deak was invited in the Vienna Musikverein as the conductor of Vienna Mozart Orchestra and since then became the constant invited conductor of this well-known collective.
For a contribution to development of musical culture of the maestro Andras Deak was awarded in Hungary of a prestigious Award of Merits in 2004.
The Organizers hope that the evening with this wonderful Orchestra

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