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Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra
Transfer concert

Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra
Transfer concert

Шановні глядачі!
Концерт "Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra" переноситься з Жовтневого палацу в Палац Україна на 20.03 19.30. Всі раніше придбані квитки дійсні. Організатор буде пересаджувати на подібні або кращі місця в новому залі!

Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra

The famous " 100 Gypsy Violins " in Ukraine !

This creative team of virtuoso musicians - only the world's largest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra , whose repertoire includes both classical masterpieces of world heritage and amazing in its beauty and expression of gypsy music ,
The unique band has a simple and powerful name - " 100 violins ."
The moment of its formation is associated with a sad occasion : in 1985 , died outstanding gypsy violin virtuoso SHANDOR bright (SANDOR JAROKA). At his funeral, then gathered the best musicians of the country. In order to express respect and sorrow , they began to play - all together. Music has spread rapidly throughout the area as a storm water - violins cried and laughed , as if recalling the vivid life gypsy maestro ...
This impromptu concert and became the birth of such an unusual , one-of -a-kind orchestra, which soon forced to applaud in awe the whole of Europe , and then the whole world .

The orchestra plays without music and no conductor in the usual sense of the word.

Each room soloist , conducted by one of the leading musicians.
The special flavor gives a colorful performance Hungarian national costumes, in which
"Gypsy Paganini" take the stage . The musicians play complex music with a change of rhythm, harmony , tempo - but playing in unison , as one man , feeling all intuitively and accurately !
These qualities can not learn , you must be born with it !
The orchestra is certainly not alone violin : their 50 and 10 violas , 8 cellos,
8 basses , 2 cymbals and 10 clarinets.
Decoration of the orchestra is the best Zimbalist virtuoso of the world - Oszkar Okros.
Director and artistic director are currently Shandor Rig and also was the concertmaster of violins , Jozsef Lendvai Csocsi.

At the concert is breathtaking and can not sit still !

Each year , only spoiled musical events in France , the orchestra had 60 concerts .

Do not miss this musical prodigy now !

You give yourself a bright moments of happiness and memories for a lifetime!

The world press :
" Liszt and Paganini would be delighted ... When Okresh Oscar kudesnichaet cymbals , students dart »(Dresden Neueste Nachrichten).
«Concertgebouw was shaken to its foundations , and the audience intoxicated ! Neither symphony orchestra in the world does not play so juicy, with the punch as hard and skillfully ! »(NRC Handelsblad-Amsterdam).
"Mass and Class 100 string players ! Gypsy Symphony Orchestra shone at a rapid pace and breathtaking virtuosity »(Schwaebische Zeitung).

"The best concert of the year - 100 Violin Concerto Budapest at the Latvian National Opera " ( zhurnalNedeļa ) .

Links to the video:
Live in Athens -
Band of Gypsies -
Official site : 

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