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100% SOUNDTRACK HITSFirst!!! Best of the best soundtrack hits, will be performed by the orchestra "Lords of the sound" running Vitaly Sarazhinskogo conductor Vitaly Fieser.

The concert is a wonderful excursion into the past, future, present to the sounds of flutes, violins, guitars, drums and many other instruments in a live performance of the orchestra. Viewers will not only your favorite songs in a symphonic performance, but the original video series on the movie screen!

"The Lone Ranger", "The Matrix", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Sherlock Holmes", "Amelie", "Harry Potter", "The Mask","Kill Bill","James Bond","Star Wars", etc. This is not a complete list of soundtracks submitted for execution. What else? Come find out!

Favorite music, mellow atmosphere and a positive charge originating from the scene, make this evening unforgettable. Two hour movie musical pleasure - guaranteed!

This concert - a real gift to true connoisseurs of music and movies.

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