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Уральские пельмени

Уральские пельмени"Уральские пельмени " - one of the most famous teams of KVN. They met 20 years ago, just loudly announcing himself . Since then, their popularity has only grown .

Building a team was initiated in 1993 by Dmitry Sokolov. The guys from the student teams Ural Polytechnic Institute did not even supposed that this initiative will result in the end the organization 's popular show Ural dumplings .

After going from 1995 to 2000 thorny path of the newcomers in the major league of KVN , the team Ural dumplings moved into the new century with the rank of distinguished champions of XX century. After the ascent to Olympus in 2000 should be a lot of projects in various television shows , including Unreal history , our Rush and ProjectorParisHilton , which is quite natural finished creating your own humorously satirical show by performances on STS channel .
In 2009, the team Ural dumplings held a jubilee concert dedicated to the 16th anniversary of the team called Ural dumplings : Because gladiolus ! That literally blew the social network stream of discussions. Text of the speech was literally torn to quote admirers of their favorite team .

In addition to the parodies of movies , numerous shows dedicated to specific thematic events such as a holiday on April 1 , Defender of the Fatherland Day on February 23 , final school exams, celebrating the holidays.

Separate line item in the list of issues Shaw Ural dumplings worth mentioning treatment for progress of the modern world and the rapidly growing difference in the minds of generations, such as nano- concert ON ! and Fathers and Sons 2011 release.

In Kiev, the artists will present the best in 20 years of creativity. They will gather together his most funny jokes . Their humor is understandable to both adults and children.

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