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"Studio Quarter-95"

Dear friends, the audience!

In connection with the days of mourning, the performance of this event is not possible. All purchased tickets are valid. Thank you for your understanding!

Ukrainian corporation humor, domestic machine laughter and creativity - "Studio Quarter - 95", despite the difficult situation in the country continues to make all his wonderful creativity!

In 2014, viewers will incredibly funny new concert program , which will be able to see all Ukraine. Tour " Quarter " will be held in all Ukrainian regions, combining sparkling humor East and West, South and North of the country.

Humor "Quarter" - is a great remedy against all the sorrows and misfortunes, giving a good mood and allowing to remain optimistic and healthy outlook on the world.

In the coming year, "Quarter -95" also please ridiculous new television projects and hilarious comedy film.

At the beginning of 2014 came to the big screen continuation of the popular blockbuster comedy " Love in the City 3", which together with their favorite actors have starred the real stars of Hollywood!

Format viewers adored comedy series "matchmakers" will be adapted in Kazakhstan. In Belarus, the program will be filmed " laugh comedian " and " Evening Minsk".

But the most remarkable product of "Studio Quarter-95" are certainly living her live performances of talented artists, headed by Vladimir Zelensky inimitable.

Anyone who can get to the live performance of "Quarter", expects the new two-hour program without intermission. Two hours of unbridled laughter to tears and laughter are to go to this show!

Wait concert "Studio Quarter -95" in your city and watch out for posters!

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