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Elena Vorobey

Elena VorobeyAs a rule, women are afraid to be ridiculous. Elena Vorobey - an exception of the rules. To be ridiculous - it's her trade. Today, perhaps, there will be no person who would not know her to face.

Elena Vorobey has borrowed the pseudonym from Edit Piaf (piaf fr. - sparrow). From her native Brest she has moved first in Peter where has ended theatre univercity, then has gone to submit the Moscow.

When Elena Vorobey on a stage - it is unimportant, that she thus does, parodies, sings or reads comic monologue, - at the spectator one desire: that she did not leave the stage. Despite of a youth and rather short experience on the "big" stage, Elena Vorobey confidently enters into "the first echelon " masters of a comic genre. She has got the love passing in adoration at public. 

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