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Too married taxi driver

Too married taxi driverDear viewers! We are sincere apology and hope for your understanding!
In light of recent events surrounding the Central House of Officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Theatre. P.K.Saksahanskoho , apologizes for the inconvenience. Due to technical problems, upcoming performances, which were held from 01.02.2014 to 05.01.2014, postponed for the period from 21.01.2014 to 30.01.2014.
These are:
- "French dinner " from 01.02.2014 to 01.21.2014 transferred
- " Too zhenatыy taxi driver " from 03.01.2014 to 23.01.2014 transferred
- " Courtship in Goncharovka " from 01.04.2014 to 01.26.2014 transferred
- " Kaydasheva family" from 01.05.2014 to 30.01.2014 tolerated .
All tickets purchased at the scheduled date will be valid for deferred performances.
For your good spirits and moral compensation, you can get free invitations for the next performance theater. P.K.Saksahanskoho , which is scheduled for February:
06.02.2014 " Courtship in Goncharovka "
02/12/2014 " Amerykanskaya Roulette "
02/20/2014 " Kaydasheva family"
21/02/2014 "Who Rabinowitz who ?"
P.S. Regarding any questions or clarifications, as well as the refund, you must contact us by phone: ( 044) 223-00-66.

In the play by Ray Cooney " Too married taxi driver " has everything to please the public : a piquant story, comic situations , funny dialogues and no , God forbid , psychology.

Plain English taxi driver John Smith married at two women and lives in two houses .
Naturally, once the hard marital schedule fails, and the poor have to bigamist spin like a squirrel in a wheel to hide his crime from both women and addition of two police inspectors , suddenly interested in his modest personality. Figaro here , Figaro there , Figaro lies , more entangled in their own lies and engaging in all this pandemonium new heroes . In general, a typical sitcom , which amused the audience of all ages .

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