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"Station for three"
V.Loginov, O.Zheleznyak

Dear viewers!

Instead, the play "A woman over us," performance "Station for three." Tickets purchased at the "Women over us" to be valid.

"Station for three"

What happens if at the same time in one place to meet people who , under any circumstances , seemingly can not be together ? Especially at the same table ... What if on one stage "connect" bewildering handsome and refined esthete Viktor Loginov and very " funny " domestic actress Olesya Zheleznjak ? What awaits the audience if this "strange" the company will join a talented bartender , sorry Artist Fedor Dobronravov known to all in the film " Assassination "?

In brilliantly funny play world of glamor and gloss faces challenges Russian reality . This story - about us today , with all our fears and hopes . And while we watch the show and answer questions that arise " in the course of the play ," and look forward to what will such a strange meeting of heroes, we are waiting for a spectacle worthy of His Majesty's Case . We are waiting for the brightest comedy characters. These ingredients are mixed , become " Station for three" - a smart and funny show.

By the way, about the company. Three are known to have company, especially in Russia . And when a company develops spontaneously, the outcome is unpredictable. And if each of the three - a man of character , it becomes particularly interesting. Characters create such love and hate electrified space that keeps the intrigue until the last moment . They are so different, that of the replicas and actions form an incredible "human" cocktail. Lounge , where densely involved passion , alcohol, and the associated " morning " guilt. Cocktail , which is not stingy on the comedic scenes . It has more lyricism and our continual expectation of happiness ... for a new twist of life.
Who knows, maybe someone from the trio already beckons another station, where there will be only two ? ? However, it will be another " performance " of their personal .

Roles are played by: Viktor Loginov, Olesya Zheleznjak, Sergey Serov
Director - Roman Samgin
Producer - Albert Mogin


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