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Valentine's Day
Y.Menshova, O.Zheleznyak

Valentine's Day
Y.Menshova, O.ZheleznyakValentine's Day

Touring repertory of contemporary theater

Director: Roman Samgin
Artist: Andrey Klimov
Choreographer Oleg Glushkov

Starring: Julia Menshova Olesya Zheleznjak , Konstantin Yushkevich, Ivan Zamotaev

MTSKI October Palace , st. Institutskaja 1

National Entertainment Corporation is touring repertory of contemporary theater, the play "Valentines Day."

"Valentine's Day" - a postscript to the famous play by Mikhail Roshchina "Valentin and Valentina ", written in the 70s of the twentieth century. Characters play encountered in the past , in the future , in the present, but in any dimension can not get out of a love triangle .

"Do not look for logic in time - in time there is no logic . Do not try to explain logically time , time does not exist as such . There are two things : love and love ... " - the words of the Arab philosopher Al Masani bark , which can easily be attributed to this statement. This is a funny and tragic story ... A man loves two women : one secretly , and the second openly , and women kick it on both sides , demanding to make a choice . Love - is the eternal theme ... theme of some witching power, exhausting , like mental illness can never exhaust itself . After all, love can not be deceived , it is impossible to outwit , outplay . That she plays human destinies , then forcing people to take off into the sky , then burn in the fire .

Expressive and always unpredictable Olesya Zheleznjak once again conquer the audience with their spontaneity , romantic Julia Menshova add lyricism and Konstantin Yushkevich courageous ladies will give strength to fight for love in any way.
Development of the plot is based on the transition from one situation to another , and not to get lost in these labyrinths help talented musician Ivan Zamotaev.


Valentine's Day
Y.Menshova, O.Zheleznyak

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