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Theatre R.Viktyuka

Theatre R.Viktyuka

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Of rehearsal recordings:

"The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death," - says Salome for a few moments before his death , when her life is already over, but the death of his shadow touched her and gave her his wisdom ...

Love has no human face. She only has the face of God and the face of the Devil. Love unspeakable and inexplicable , and whatever you say about love , it is not zamknesh in Word, as you will not tell the music and will draw the sun. But only one thing is true : the mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death , because heart wants to live and die for love , but do not want to live without love. A luxurious panorama, executed bright madness , Oscar Wilde showed us the face of the devil in love.

Love sometimes leads to madness. Sometimes? Perhaps forever? For the love of heroism commit and commit a crime for the sake of love, love for one minute will create life and trample life. In this love.

Theatre R.Viktyuka

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