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"The Bench"
I.Apeksimova, G.Kutsenko

"The Bench "
Irina Apeksimova , Gosha Kutsenko

Play by Alexander Gelman
Directed by Nikita Grinshpun

The play of Alexander Gelman (one of the most famous and sought-after playwrights of the Soviet era ) " Bench" is considered a masterpiece of social and domestic drama and a model " postvampilovskoy " drama, which fully reflected the crisis of public awareness of the early 80 - ies of the last century. "The Bench " with the success was put on the stage the 30 countries of the world . This is a tragicomic story of two lonely people . One day he and she found each other in the park.

He and she brings to the stage the most alive , the most fertile of the themes - love.
Same era , with its beautiful melodious songs , water dispensers and lack every second mobile communication is as decorations.
And even if the genre is designated as a comedy performance . It is much more likely, rather than just being able to laugh at. In it - a charming romance, a tense affair , and most importantly - a rich range of feelings of contempt to tenderness, from suffering to pleasure, with tremendous sincerity, to be more precise - the truth of transmitted skill of two excellent actors - Irina Apeksimova and Gosha Kutsenko .

Gosha Kutsenko of the performance: I dedicate this performance to his parents , which is , unfortunately, no longer alive. Every time he went on stage, I think of those who gave me life . " Bench" is not about them , my mom and dad lived a happy life together . But it is a spectacle of their time, their age , the great Soviet Union.
The play - the two heroes . On stage - two actors . Within 1.5 hours, all eyes are on possession of them . To sustain this burden can not every actor .

Irina Apeksimova of the performance: He and She - not ideal. Ordinary people with ordinary problems. History of "The Bench " could happen in any city in any park . Perhaps that's why the audience was laughing and crying along with the characters .

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