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"Furious wedding"


Officer House -

On the day of their wedding after a hectic stag party , Bill wakes up in a hotel room .
But not alone ! And even the idea is not as charming stranger was in his bunk.
From minute to minute to appear bride. Fortunately, help comes his White Tom Shafer .
He takes full responsibility and confused stranger from the hotel maid , gives her his bride , who allegedly flew to the wedding.
However, it appears that the mysterious girl , because you started this trouble is his favorite.
The situation is complicated by the arrival of mother of the bride and wedding that was supposed to be gorgeous , finds himself in jeopardy.

However, the characters are simple and elegant solution to all their problems - and everyone is happy ! Including the audience , who are guaranteed a few hours of laughter.
Actors and singers :

Bill - Sergei Woodrow Wilson , Alex Holovatch

Tom - Alexander KOLOMYJEC , Vitaly Sviatoslav

Judy - Catherine Shamshina

Rachel - Julia Putintsev

Julie - Anne Kuz'minov

Daphne - Tatiana Pashkevych

Director - Oleksandr Rozhkov

Artist - Irina Rybak

Assistant Director - Larisa Chanyshev

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