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Рranks aristocrats
D.Spivakovsky / M.Politseymako

Рranks aristocrats
D.Spivakovsky / M.PolitseymakoWe offer a comedy in pure English style!

If you really want the power to laugh, then - forward to the show " Pranks aristocrats!"

Charming scion of a noble family of Bertie Wooster (a brilliant performance by Mikhail Politseymako) is pleased to continue burned through his life ... if not obligations to his aunt, Lady Dahlia Travers ( People's Artist of Russia Era Ziganshina ) and friend, forever embroiled in a stupid story Gussie Fink - Hom (Ilya Noskov / Andrew Finyagin), former fiancee and her sister Madeleine, schemer Stiff (Natalia Gromushkina Anna Terekhov). And all these characters require one Bertie Wooster - steal silver creamer 18th century in the form of a cow! Him, Lord, to steal? And the more that watching him neo-fascist Sir Roderick Spode (Georgi Martirosyan)?
But all " razrulit " brilliant Jeeves - Bertie faithful butler (another luxury role Daniel Spivakovsky)!

Starring: Michael Politseymako, Daniel Spivakovsky, Ilya Noskov, Era Ziganshin, Georgi Martirosyan, Natalia Gromushkina, Olga Turaev, Andrew Finyagin etc.

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