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"Farewell to the paper"
Eugen Grishkovec

Thirteen years ago, on a Moscow stage was a guy years thirties . Came out and said that he would now tell about a man who no longer , in the sense - it used to be , but Then he was gone - so that when the audience will hear from the scene," I thought...", it will be just about the person. Man named Eugene Grishkovec and he remembered what other people remember passing and never spoken aloud - Discharge of the album, on the offense that cartoon, which he waited helpful puppet, about sense of how time passes. That monologue called " How I Ate dog, "and he shared a theatrical reality.

Grishkovtsa life was like before - and have a life with Grishkovets.

Then there were performances of "Simultaneously", "Dreads", "Planet", "Po Po", "1" and the fall of 2012 came the premiere of "Farewell to paper."

It would be truer to say that thirteen years ago with Grishkovets - with his plays, where equally words and interjections and no nary falsehood, with his charming manner of speaking, as if he difficulty choosing his words - came to the theater life. He picks the most exact words for universal human emotions. he taught theater to speak human language.

TOUR Eugene Grishkovtsa at the National Academic Theater. Lesia Ukrainka 11, March 12, 2014 . All performances start at 20.00

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