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Master Class

Master Class"Movement Awake" - a Russian non-profit public organization that has existed since 2013 , established by the winner of the TV project " The Battle of psychics " Natalia Banteevoy being the chief ideologist of the movement.
Structure of the organization:
By Movement immediately known psychics joined Russia - Dmitry Trotsky , Anatoly Ledenev Victoria Raydos , Anika Sokolskaya Vladislav Kadono , Alexei Grishin and many other experts in the field of esotericism.
Movement "Wake up" offers ordinary people a completely different look at the world around us, in our place in it, to know their true strength, to reveal their excess capacity and learn how to do all that can now psychics - heal the pain, see other past or future people hear the thoughts of others
Psychics - leaders of the movement "Awake " are out to each person on their own could not help himself to solve all existing problems for him , to make my life interesting , full of harmony and happiness, because, according to them, he may just need to tell your opportunities - " wake up " !
Unofficially Wake movement for about two years - birthday is considered to be April 7, 2012 . It was on this day in St. Petersburg hosted the first global master class with the same name - "Awake " , which gathered more than a thousand spectators. The idea of the master class , which was the keynote speaker Banteeva Natalia , was the assertion that each member of the audience of people laid over ability , exactly the same as that of the famous psychics that are currently on the scene. And as proof , right there on the master class , through various tests , trainings and practices psychics discovered ability of ordinary viewers.
And a half years of existence movement "Awake " has become popular among young people, he was joined by people from different spheres : social workers, therapists , actors, directors, musicians , such as a psychologist Alexander Makarov ; presenter Alex Kulichkov , rap artist Gough (one of his songs became the anthem of the organization) actor , director, screenwriter Ruslan Malikov and others. They all share a common goal - to help people in the development and study of its features.
During its existence, the movement's leaders " WAKE UP " thousands of people were given a chance to make sure that their capabilities are much broader than they could imagine.
Less than 2 years , held many activities to help the comprehensive development of human personality.
Leaders and members of the movement visited with master-class major Russian cities , including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi , Kazan , Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Novosibirsk , Khabarovsk, Vladivostok , Petropavlovsk- Kamchatsky, Blagoveshchensk , Birobidzhan , Ufa , Yaroslavl , Jurmala Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk , Krasnodar , Orenburg , Rostov- on-Don.
Important ideological basis of the movement is mutual help and support. Leaders of the movement " WAKE UP " pay great attention to charity , fundraising conduct actions need to be involved in many social projects , not going to rest on our laurels.
In November 2012 Natalia Banteeva as the movement's ideologue " WAKE UP " was the winner of "The 20 successful people of St. Petersburg " and won the award for the best social and charitable project of the year.

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