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Prague Black Theatre

Prague Black Theatre

Уважаемые зрители!

Концерт переносится c 19.03 на 5.06. Ранее приобретенные билеты будут действительны на новую дату.

Благодарим за понимание. 

What happens when the lights go out?

Darkness reigns and begins representation . On stage and on the whole space above it soar , literally , colorful characters , rascherchennye fluorescent colors and create a magical synthesis of dance , original music , pantomime, spectacular effects and magical lighting. All this - the magical " Black Theatre " from Prague , which will soon introduce the first magic show in Kiev - The Best Of Image. On stage miracles happen : people and things appear from nowhere , then decrease , then increase, they are flying in the bright spots surrounded by light , disappearing as suddenly and surprisingly . Everything is conceived so that the viewer was absorbed actions that he wondered how the actors manage to do such tricks. Objects they work with artists, creating the illusion of magic seem to be alive.

Everything here is beautiful and elegant. Amazing action complemented with ultraviolet fluorescent decorations. Visitors will solid phantasmagoria that is full of original and exciting surprises . To visit these performances do not necessarily know the Czech language - here everything is understood .
Many performances involve interactivity, ie involvement in action spectators. So be prepared for surprises. "Black Theatre" belongs to the treasures of Czech culture, and you will be able to see this.

"Black Theatre" is well known outside the Czech Republic thanks to regular tour in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey and Korea. It also shows graced many prestigious social events, conferences, exhibitions and other events organized throughout Europe by companies such as Microsoft, Nokia, Volkswagen, Johnson & Johnson, Motorola.

Show The Best of Image is for viewing the whole family.


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