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"Po Po".
Evgenie Grishkovets


Evgenie Grishkovets and Alexander Tsekalo in performance "Po Po"

Evgenie Grishkovets's Performance "Po Po" is arranged artlessly. Two equal in rights partners tell each other more or less fascinating histories, wich are taken from Edgar Allan Po's compositions, and funny muddle them on a course of a statement. Partners in any way do not discuss, do not climb with the comments, almost do not set each other questions. Both are extremely correct and deliberately inexpressive. 

Evgenie Grishkovets did not do new performances since 2001. In the new project "Po Po" Grishkovets does not try to formulate any important and hardly perceptible feelings and sensations or to amaze spectators with the new revelation about our life, he simply tells histories. Tells in a former, familiar tongue-tied manner - being confused in words, speaking gestures and interjections and calling to the aid of all clear examples from a life. 

None of performances of Grishkovets is not making laught as much as this.






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