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UNKNOWN Artemovskiy

UNKNOWN ArtemovskiyCherkasy Regional Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre named after Taras Shevchenko

UNKNOWN Artemovskij
Yes titled his documentary history in one act with songs and dance director Sergei Proskurnia .

The formal reason was the celebration of the 200th anniversary of Semen Stepanovich Gulak- Artemowski - whose Name is closely linked to the Cherkassy region. Do we know what really was the creator of the unmatched opera " Cossack beyond the Danube "? Did we manage to see an outstanding singer, composer and actor in the context of the era? Responding to these and many other questions , director and theater actors Cherkassy Shevchenko created the show.

To learn how to create yourself a boy from a family that has produced not a single genius , what was the mission of the great composer Mikhail Glinka in the formation of the amazing talent boy , how Simon went to France and Italy, where he returned to the imperial stage , about friendships Gulak -Artemowski Taras Shevchenko - all this you will learn from the play Cherkaser .

The author puts forward the hypothesis unexpected - success " Zaporozhtsya " and other plays Ukrainian repertoire with Gulak-Artemowski in the imperial capital accelerated emergence Valuev Circular "... nykakoho especially malorossyyskoho language It would not , and No byt Can not ...".

Performed by the entire creative composition theater.

Musical Director - Helen Belkin
Choreographer - Vladimir Tatarinov
Artist - Sergei Rydvanetskyy
Costume Designer - Natalie Rydvanetska
Assistant director - Yuri Berlin
In as Gulak-Artemowski - Pavel Goncharov
According to Mikhail Glinka - Ole Pavlyutin
According to Porphyry Mikhailov - Ostroumova - Oleg calf
By Giulio Alar , Panteleimon Kulish - Alexander Gumennyi
By Alexander Ivanov -Gulak wife - Natalia Panekina
According to Taras Shevchenko ( 1838-47 years) - Eugene Nyschuk actor of theater arts workshops "Constellation ", Kyiv
According to Taras Shevchenko ( 1847-61 years) - Peter Panchuk actor of the National Theatre Ivan Franko Kyiv
Voices - Alexander Kuz'menko
Actors, choristers , newspapermen , visitors , the public , patients - cast and Ballet Theatre.
Accompaniment - the orchestra of the theater.
The play also sounds soundtrack Overture to Mikhail Glinka "Ruslan and Lyudmila" .

UNKNOWN Artemovskiy 

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