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The Moscow theatre "Y Nikitskih vorot"
Musical in 2 parts


The Moscow theatre The protagonist "Gambrinus" - such "beer-Mozart", Jewish musician-virtuoso by name Sashka(execution of this role conceals for the spectator a fairy surprise to solve which is necessary to the public), which except of demonstration of brilliant play on a violin also sings the Odessa couplets.

Between beer barells at basement walls will sit some tens people. They will drink and sing, cry, laugh loudly, quarrel, fight and reconciled, leave on war, come back from it cripples, and again will cry and sing. In performance all troupe - tens actors is borrowed. And everyone shows rare self-feedback.

"We, certainly, theatre for elites, but all charm that these elites can be all" - the director of performances
the national actor of Russia Mark Rozovsky

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