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Month of Love
Andrey Zholdak


Month of Love
Andrey ZholdakAndrey Zholdak named the most scandalous director of last years. Seven his statements for last three years became leaders of seasons in the different countries. For example, the Seagull on Anton Chekhov - the best experimental performance of 2001 in Moscow, the Idiot on Feodor Dostoevsky - the best at festivals in Poland and Japan.

 "Month of Love" - a slide-show, a certain film on Tursenev in decadent spirit. It is very beautiful almost four-hour black-and-white photosession with participation of Belyaev, Natalia Petrovna and her doubles, characters in faceless masks, and also alive and plastic dogs. Performance is unconditionally beautiful.  But not deliberate glamour defilie. This "new" beauty approaches that «a space cold», enormous dispassionateness from the noisy world of people which Zholdak believes criterion of the supreme theatre.

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