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of the Marquis de Sade
Theatre R.Viktyuka

of the Marquis de Sade
Theatre R.Viktyuka

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Roman Viktyuk - one of the most subtle, provocative and bold contemporary directors - is the premiere: play "Masquerade Marquis de Sade " put on the play by Andrei Maximov.

New play - a story of love, loneliness, betrayal and freedom. This play puzzle and exposure time.

The protagonist, the famous Marquis de Sade, it becomes a kind of guide for the audience the truth. Along with the author of the play director raises the eternal theme of the artist and the confrontation of power, which it has always held ( "Master and Margarita", "Salome", "King Harlequin"), and today she does sound extremely important. Sending scandalous Marquis in prison for 17 years, the government has come up with his twin - Inspector Marais , who all this time acted under the name of de Sade arranged orgies, obscene printed texts and, finally, believed in its own uniqueness. Wannabe - insignificant and ignorant talent - bright and significant, but the confrontation of these two principles often ends in victory for the former.

Roman Viktyuk always puts what he cares about at the moment. Will the hero escape from the clutches of "strong world" resist the temptation "to be someone " and " to be near " ... Theme Creator and authorities deafening sounds today, with her people overlook the square.

Embodiment of thought, the particular style and vision of a talented artist and director - in the new production of " Masquerade Marquis de Sade "


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