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Maxim Averin

Maxim AverinMaxim Averin - one of the leading actors of the Moscow theater "Satyricon" named after AI Raikina , a successful film actor .

His one-man show , " It all begins with love ... " expands the audience about the opportunities and talent of this remarkable artist . This is not a concert , not a creative meeting - this is a solo performance , a full theatrical performance , sophisticated and artfully composed mosaic of music , poetry, prose , accompanied by the studio light and sound score.

In the one-man show Averin acts not only as an actor but as a director : " ... I have a deep conviction that it is in this performance can not be any other person other than me , because then it will not be my intention , and a stranger. This play , first of all , is born by me, I , of course, working with his team , with specialists in music , light, we rehearse , adjust and improvise together, but here it should be mine - from "A" to "Z" . This performance is a revelation , a performance- experience , whatever , whatever. "

"Everything starts with love ... " - a line from a poem by Robert Rozhdestvensky , and still in the program with poetry and prose D.Samoylova , A.Vertinskogo , Boris Pasternak , Vladimir Mayakovsky and Vladimir Vysotsky . Excerpts from plays , songs of Soviet and Russian composers, visuals from movies , live communication with the audience.

Recitation unusually bright, actor , poet chanting sing-song - the actor gesticulates like mastering sign language interpreter profession , but that does not irritate the contrary ... " Schukinskaya " school , from the outside - the internal , through the show , eccentric , and the background is everything - changed to violin . Here, it seems , just relax, listen to how funny are notes from the audience , especially in Odessa : "Max , why do you say that you have a love , as many have come in the hope of at least something! " Slightly not blinded by the brand averinskoy smiles at two paces away , distracted by utesovskie songs, and even danced with a star in the aisles ... but here it is again on the stage again reads . And suddenly burn tragic lines, and in the hall - the silence , cleaning , the same catharsis .

Maxim Averin of those artists , who leads the viewer, always finding in it a sincere listener and speaker. This is a play in which the actor is left alone with the audience and opens his heart and soul into this dialogue.

Convincing positive energy radiated by an actor , gives inspiration and dreams , getting to the heart !

A rare encounter with an amazing artist - solo performance of Maxim Averin "Everything starts with love ... " will take place on February 14 in the Theater. Franko . Beginning at 19:00 .

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