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"Who's who Rabinovich "


Officer House -

In the comedy "Who's who Rabinovich " in the form of humorous director looks into the national consciousness. A rich American bequest leaves his beloved dog property and guardian appointed "real Rabinovich " in the White Church. " Authenticity " marker must determine dog, obnyuhavshy all applicants. According to the characters of the work, for billions of dollars worth renounce their native faith , language , change their whole being. Or is it not worth it? After seeing the play , we laugh heartily, and let us think about this issue. In general, the most important is that the author wants to convey to the audience - that is what we are all just people , regardless of nationality. For good and evil knows no national boundaries. And every end is something that deserves.

Together with the local actors involved in the play actor National Academic Drama Theater. Ivan Franko National Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Kravchuk Necheporenko .

Director of Photography - honored . Artist of Ukraine Igor Afanasyev
Assistant director - Vladimir Vorobiev
Assistant Director - Larisa Chanyshev
Production Designer - Irina Rybak
Costume Designer - Catherine Panchoshak
Staging - Svetlana Dyadyun
Choirmaster - Elena Pakholiuk

Actors and singers :
Peter Zavernyvovk - folk art. Ukraine Volodymyr Necheporenko , Victor Nadem'yanov
Catherine Zavernyvovk - honored . art. Ukraine Lidiya Dyachenko , hon. art. Ukraine Svetlana Volkova
Bogdan Zavernyvovk - Alexander KOLOMYJEC , Vitaly Sviatoslav Art Bochek
Mike Gutmann - Anton Pylypeychenko , Victor Sirota
Attorney Ahamirzyan - George Amirov , Nicholas Golovchak
Milochka - Anna Boldyreva , Catherine Shamshina
John Bovkun - Nicholas Moons
Svetlana - Natalia Sinkova , Julia Putintsev
Verification Serdyuchka - Julia Putintsev , Maxim Tsedzinskyy
Zurab - Nicholas Golovchak , George Amirov

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