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Dear viewers!

The play transferred to the second half of March, date to be announced later.

Thank you for your understanding!

"Hanuman" - a musical comedy based on the classic play by A. Tsahareli . A rich merchant wants to intermarry with the aristocracy . He needs no money, title, and he was ready for it to give his beautiful daughter to the old , ruined prince. But given the heart of a young beautiful nephew Prince - the poor , the young poet . Lovers wants to save smart , clever and charming matchmaker Khanum . But on her way appears competitor , another matchmaker named Kabatov . It Kabatov wants to be the main matchmaker and builds usilyakiperepony Khan. But Khanum seems . In her opinion , " since then, as created by world best matchmaker in the world there! " She begins to intrigue , luring in their network invents comical situations makes everyone act on his plan . And by Khanum experienced matchmaker puts everything in its place.

So who is she to woo Prince? Who will be his main bride? The audience witnesses the fun and confusing plot.

In the play "Hanuman" involved constellation best theater actors Saksagans'kogo able to create on stage insanely funny, adorable and cute images. And it can not be otherwise , because the cast of stellar performances without exaggeration . Selection of actors, that is, the " same apple ." The main role in the performance of assigned course, matchmaker, although the main roles in the play is not there ! The role of matchmaker Khanum brilliantly played by Honored Artist of Ukraine Lidiya Dyachenko and Prince - Honored Artist of Ukraine Ivan Kalinichenko.

I must say that all the roles in the play performed equally wonderful: bright, fun and comical, but Khanum ... Another Stellar role of Lydia Dyachenko - a truly special analysis of the subject - teatrovedchesky and audience . Being "behind the scenes " efforts actress , who had to overcome almost anything that was accumulated over many years of stage life , capturing many minute details , which most Lidiya and director fashioned this bright image. Like swimming in the role of Khanum alternately appears in the form of vulgar panderess and shiny instigators , militant sporschytsy , bullies and lonely woman who dreams of marital happiness, which found the efforts of hundreds of women and men. Placed in the center of the plot and performances , and the brightness of the image , ensuring actress real pleasure and power over the public, Khanum , like her colleagues are in the room nezlobnu criticism , kindness, sense of humor, which alone can afford the pure in thought authors - professionals, respected by the public , working for her.

Performance Director Vyacheslav Stasenko heard in this musical play echo the people's soul , making song and dance start defining element of lyrical performances. His characters , except for dramatic play - sing and dance. Performance " Khanum " easy , fun and very dynamic. It is truly spectacular. Hot dance constantly bursts into action , asking him rapidly and creating a happy , festive mood . This positive charge performance can not attract . The rate of play is made on colorful episodes - each bar is fresh and they remember . A large number of gay music and dances do play joyful, mischievous and spectacular . As a result, the scene played out a bright , energetic , cheerful , full of charming humor , colorful comedy.

Stage Director - Vyacheslav Stasenko

"Hanuman" - great show - colorful , musical, colorful, fascinating. I'd like to watch again and again to experience the atmosphere of bygone era, to get a charge of vivacity and good mood.

As one spectator : " Goose bumps are , and want to continue ." If you have not been to the play ' Hanuman ' do not delay - do yourself a party!

Production Designer - Honored Artist of Ukraine Stanislav Zaytsev

Choreographer - Svetlana Dyadyun

Costume designer, Catherine Panchoshak

Choirmaster - Elena Paholyuk

Chief conductor - Vitaly Sarazhinsky

Original musical arrangement - Edward Koroto

Assistant director - Lyudmila Chumak

Characters :

Hanuman - Honored Artist of Ukraine Lidiya Dyachenko

Kabat - Tatiana Pashkevych , Elena Kraljevo

Prince - Honored Artist of Ukraine Ivan Kalinichenko

Kote , his nephew - Jury Donnik , Maxim Tsedzinsky

Tekle , his sister - Angelica Kislicina , Elena Yarmolenko

Timothée, his servant - Nicholas Molodyk

Mikich, merchant - Roman Vdovyka

Sona, his daughter - Anastasia Metalnikova, Anastasia Bogachik

Hagop, his assistant - Victor Nademyanov

Anush, his mother - Honored Artist of Ukraine Lyudmila Merva, Nina Kravchuk

Quinto - Vladimir Didenko, Dmitriy Ilyin, Maxim Porfentsov, Vitaly Matvienko, Vitaly Starichenko , Victor Fedorenko, Sergei Scherbinenko

Residents Havlabar Michael Slesarenko Peter Deserted, Maxim Gaponenko, Inna Kuharenko


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