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"Hamlet. Babel "


Кіностудія ім. О. Довженко -

"Hamlet . Babel "
International Ukrainian- Swiss project .
Visual , musical and dramatic performance " Gamlet.Vavilon "

" Gamlet.Vavilon " is the author's interpretation of the texts of writers from different historical eras on Shekspirivskogo "Hamlet" strung on contemporary issues of global multiculturalism . The combination of Ukrainian folklore with the concepts of Zurich ? School of Music , Drama ? First the actor playing several Europ ? their theater ? x schools and artistic development of modern technology ? these funds.

Before our eyes, has formed a new area of human existence - its virtual world , a life in which there are sometimes more intense than real.

Drama hero of " Gamlet.Vavilon " is to fight with the hero himself, conquered the virtual world , to seek refuge in the land that we call "home" and , eventually , the loss of ourselves as individuals and as an individual in the modern world.

Hamlet is a victim of personal clones personal avatars in the virtual world and the continuous irresponsibility for their own lives . It remains only to revenge, revenge himself, his parents revenge , revenge, lack of implementation of the ancestors of modern humans.

The main theme of the play - Danish pilgrim , who plays the countries traveling show in the language of the people on the ground are driving . He is in perpetual search of his house - the land where you can put down roots , but overall leaves behind only ashes.

Director: Dmitry Kostyuminsky

The visual part : TENPOINT ( Poberezhskaya Maxim , Alexey Tishchenko ) , Dmitry Kostyuminsky

Composer: Alex Retinskii

Drama : Catherine Babkin
Text: William Shakespeare , Heiner Muller , Catherine Babkin

Musicians : Okhrimchuk Anna Gavriliouk Tatiana, Matoušek Alina Occasion Konstantin Litvinenko Victoria

Light: Maria Volkova , Dmitry Kostyuminsky
Director of Photography: Stephen Sergei


Hamlet - Sozansky Bartholomew
Gertrude - Litvinenko Victoria
Ophelia - Gavriliouk Tatiana

The project is implemented with the support of the " ≥ 3 " Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation " Development of Ukraine " FSM " GogolFest ", the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine , Cultural found city of Geneva.

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