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Hamlet. Dreams.
Andrey Zholdak


Hamlet. Dreams.
Andrey ZholdakJoldak - one of few Ukrainian directors who persistently tries to reanimate domestic theatre. Its performances cause delight and full misunderstanding, because his method - a shock therapy. Joldak all over again it became known abroad. The first success to him has brought degree performance "Moment "on tours in Munich. Seven his statements within last three years became leaders of seasons in the different countries. At the same time in Ukraine within 1989-2001 he has been poorly demanded. 

On December, 3rd in Kiev will be shown already known performance "Hamlet. Dreams" with Hamlet. Dreams.
Andrey Zholdakwhich the director began the work with the Kharkov troupe. Leaging roles in it are played by pop-singer Andrey Kravchuk and the wife of the director an actress Victoria Spesivtseva.







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