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Fedra. The gold ear.
Andrey Zholdak


Fedra. The gold ear.
Andrey Zholdak"Fedra. The gold ear" is the performance based on an ancient greek myth about Fedra, wife of Tezey who has foll in love with his son, her own stepson Ippolit. "The gold ear" is the Stalin's sanatorium 1930-th years, intended for rest and treatment of the Soviet elite.

Andrey Zholdak has not simply placed heroes to the Soviet epoch. In this overlapping epoch to the director sees the timeless pagan parallels and the tragical chasms which are not disappearing with current of centuries. The sense of tragedy is eternal and constant since times of Evrypid. Sense the first: everyone wishes to love and everyone wishes to be loving. Sense of the second: this is impossible. Sense the third: having crossed feature, it is necessary to pay. Sense the fourth: it is necessary to pay everywhere and always - that in the Ancient Greece, that in Soviet Union. Fedra. The gold ear.
Andrey Zholdak

"Ferda. The gold ear" is not a household sketch, it is a tragedy with full liquidation of all main enamoured heroes in the end.


  In the main cast Marya Mironova.




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