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Fantastic shadow

Fantastic shadow
theaterThe company "International Artistic Agency", organizers of the tour "The Fantastic Shadows" German dance theater of shadows "Helianthus".

Dear viewers, due to the difficult political situation in Ukraine, German theater decided to extend the tour.

All tickets purchased at the box office earlier are valid at the time of the show.

Contact phone organizers:  097 233 03 03

First in Ukraine ! Show sensation for the whole family!
THEATRE OF SHADOWS Helianthus, Germany
to show " strange shadows "
October 09-10 ( 19:00 )
MTsKiI October Palace

In Europe, their performances are sold out with a roar from the audience. Staging The Fantastic Shadows German Theatre of Shadows Helianthus - an original combination of upscale acrobatics , theater, optical illusions , great sound and stunning video projections .
 In art of shadow theater the same age in a few thousand years , and that the word «helianthus», gave its name to the German team . Is a Latin word , which has absorbed the Greek root "sun" means sunflower, born to live face to the light .
 Silhouettes moving around the cave fire ; equestrian pursuit shadow rider galloping back to the sun , the shadow of the fingers cradling a child herself on the wall in the circle of moonlight ; desktop theater cut cardboard figures behind the white screen. Close to the photography and film . It would seem , shadow theater , with all its migrations - India, Indonesia , Egypt and Turkey , and only then Ancient Greece and later century Italy, France and then everywhere - dead end of civilization. However, in the last couple of decades out quite the contrary : the genre is experiencing a revival and an unprecedented upgrade. Even in Kiev after touring the American company Pilobolus before last winter had their own "shadow" setting - for example, the performance of " Quartet -a- tete " theater " Kiev Modern Ballet" : less tech , but with the best quality dance. Shadow play amazingly simple in theory, and he wonders subject to transformation. One has only to go to the actor for a translucent screen , as the audience begins to animation : the dark figures grow from each other , transformed , changed in size.
Helianthus unfolds his silhouettes, as it should be in a standing art in the midst of a foreign visual field : cheerful, bright visual projection here is my life , causing me even more shade than on a whim .
The plot is ingenious staging «The Fantastic Shadows» reveals the idea of ​​evolution of human imagining . Enlistment fanfare famous theme song , "So said Zarathustra " straighten primates. Having the opportunity to gaze dreamily into the clouds , the first people to comprehend what distinguishes them from the imagination of the rest of the fauna in the second reach to explore the idea that such a fantasy and what is the power of thought and invent theater. They act out stories about knights and tales of pirates - and then there are the Statue of Liberty , Charlie Chaplin , "Titanic" , airplanes , hippies dancing Sirtaki , James Bond , and Transformers aypadovladeyuschie residents of megacities. One of them - or us - is Terpsichore in the guise of a pretty girl from the ballet , in which we learn dancing Eve. In fact, this history of the theater Helianthus.
Florian Berger, dancer and choreographer from Vienna brought his company just five years ago . It is staffed by 20 artists - schooled to millimeters and milliseconds acrobats , dancers , children of fitness and as accurate experts on the technical side . Preceding their show «Flow Motion Shadow Dance» - that shadows can show if the game "Crocodile" , any figures , phenomena, and abstract concepts , and interactive «Virtual Insanity» surprised even the audience East Asia has seen the most inventive circus.
Helianthus takes deft interaction iconic music, great artistic ensemble and optical inventions for which there used lighting equipment - are not fixed , as in the theater , and mobile TV . In addition, for each country Berger tries to compose a separate small interlude the recognizable plot. But perhaps the most attractive is that after the submission of a couple of people in the audience certainly invited on stage to try what it is - to be , for example, the shadow of Charlie Chaplin. Thunderous applause.


SUMMARY: The Theatre of Shadows - a form of visual art , originated in Asia over 1,700 years ago. Every theater - mystery and shadow , the most ancient and poetic - especially . Mysterious all its furnishings . Traditionally, shadow theater uses a large translucent screen and flat colored puppets operated on thin sticks. Puppets lean against the screen behind and become visible . In the shadow theater plays a very important role light. The second millennium , the shadow theater was very popular in China and India . With the armies of Genghis Khan also spread to other parts of Asia . Reached the highest form in the XVI century . in Turkey , has been popular in the Ottoman Empire . In 1767 , Chinese shadow theater technique was brought home by the French missionary Jules ALOD . In 1776, she became known in the UK. Even great countryman dance troupe Helianthus Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was attracted to the theater of shadows and in 1774 he made ​​a presentation. Currently shadow theater is most common in Indonesia. In 2011 , UNESCO has made this form of art in the World Heritage List.

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