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Andrew Varhola.
Fabrication. Premiere!

Andrew Varhola.
Fabrication. Premiere!$ 2 million. $ 5 million. $ 10 million. Sold! It is so much today are paintings of Andy Warhol . What's paintings - his way, the way his family or friends is the subject of a cult.

He - an extraordinary person in the art. What he did, unsuccessfully trying to copy a lot of people. But he only drew Bank of tomato soup and came up with a party with silver clouds. He - Andy Warhol , Andrew Varhola in it - Ukrainian roots.

" As much as I have outlined Andy Warhol ? Genius he . It has everything - good, bad , a little shock motoroshnosti , shokuvannya - you have to talk about it ? Watching him is like watching life," and that the word Mom Andy Julia Varholy from Carpatho-Rusyn family , she emigrated in 1921 from the village of the Rusyn " Mykova " in Pittsburgh.

"This show that the most powerful thing in our lives - the pain is simple - life , death, fame, money, love," says the director plays Ukraine - German director Andrew Kritenko .

There will likely pop culture and art, and death, and love, and meeting after a long separation.

Starring the actors - Eugene Kaporin Andrew Kritenko Oleg Primohenov , Alloise, Yegor Pcholkin Sergey Kalantay Tatiana Nesvidomenko , Dean Bakri , Tatiana Menshikov and others.

Based on the works and the works of Andy Warhol, Alexis Shypenko , William Shakespeare and Andrew Kritenko .

Premiere of "Andrew Varhola . Fiction "

Str. Shota Rustaveli, 19

6 and 7 December, 19-00

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