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Anatoly Zalewski
Show "Rizoma time"

Anatoly Zalewski
Show Anatoliy Zalevskiy.  “Soul speaking the body language”. 
The name of Anatoliy Zalevskiy – circus performer, balance master, winner of the most prestigious professional awards in the sphere of circus arts – cannot tell much for most of his fellow countrymen.
Ukrainian circus and many of its professionals still remain a blind-spot in public conscience, therefore at home Mr. Zalevskiy is known only to in-crowd of devoted ones. However, he is very famous in Germany, where Anatoly has been triumphantly touring over ten years, in Paris where he has been awarded a Grand Prix of the International Festival "Cirque de Demain", and in Monte Carlo, where at Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival he was the first Ukrainian artist to win circus "Oscar", the most prestigious global award – "Clown D’or". Despite multiple proposals to perform and to teach abroad, Mr. Zalevskiy is not going to  intended to change domicile and does not apply "no man is a prophet in his own land" postulate to himself. Instead, he claim that "circus will save the world", he has built a circus art studio in his hometown Berdichev at his own expense, and this summer he will be presenting a new version of his legendary "plastic performance" Rizoma in Kiev.

The creative work and activities of Anatoly Zalevskiy confirm the axiom that a truly talented person is talented in all aspects. First off, Mr. Zalevskiy is a big time balance master demonstrating a fantastic body control, fascinating with his incredible flexibility. Moreover, he is an author and director of all his acts. He is the founder of Rizoma Theater and the author of all its performances. He is the founder and the head of Berdichev Rizoma art studio, which combines children's circus school, training ground for circus performers and talent boutique. At Rizoma children start to study at the age of 4-5 and up they enter circus academy. After receiving their professional education, many of them return to the studio in the capacity of artists, taking part in creating modern circus projects.
Little Tolik Zalevskiy entered the world of circus at the age of 5, when his parents took him to Berdichev circus studio only to have some place where that frolic boy could "let off steam". Being a child he was darting between circus studio, football, wrestling and jumping. He managed to enter Kyiv State School of Circus and Variety Arts on the second try only, and finally understood that the walk of his life – balancing – at the fourth year of study. During the last years of study Mr. Zalevskiy cooperated with Boris Moiseev's show, and upon graduating from the school, in the absence of vacancies in circus, he performed in Kiev night clubs such as "Joss" and "Hollywood". In mid 1990s the term "circus" for most post-Soviet people was associated with clowns in larges boots, trained poodles and dzhigits riding horses. The general public had no idea of new generation circuses DU SOLEIL and Dragone, as well as of Ukrainian gymnasts and acrobats successfully performing in those circuses, nor was the general public aware of existence of any other type of circus except "soviet" one. Therefore the act which would bring Mr. Zalevskiy to win prestigious global awards initially had a mixed reception at home and occasionally faced harsh criticism. Only being recognized by the most reputable circus professionals Anatoliy gained confidence and power to move forward in the direction which may be called "plastic circus". 

If previously tricks were the main element of circus performance, now circus art implies a harmony of virtuoso tricks and fine dramaturgy. Their synthesis, as defined by Mr. Zalevskiy, "expresses the soul in body language".  Rizoma performance, created fifteen years ago, exactly reflects this synthesis. The title gives an idea both of symbolic story dedicated to the eternal themes of time and love, and of philosophical view of Mr. Zalevskiy himself.  Rizoma (French rhizome – "rootstock") — one of the key postmodernism concepts, the essence of which consists in opposing to routine linearity and mechanism of existence.  Mr. Zalevskiy believes that all achievements in life and creativity are given to a human at certain stages. "No matter how hard you try and fuss about to assume more – you will do only what you have to. An excessive stress creates a negative energy, which reduces chances of success, therefore at Rizoma Theater all artists choose only the most acceptable for them. My task is only to help making a right choice".
Anatoly Zalevskiy was born in Berdichev on April 20, 1974. At the age of five he started to train in Berdichev circus studio led by Valentin Motsny.
In 1991 he entered State School of Circus and Variety Arts, graduated from it in 1995 honors standing, being the best student of class. 
In 1998 he won Grand Prix and golden medal at 21st International Circus Festival "Mondial du Cirque Demain" in Paris.
1999, at 23rd Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival he was awarded Grand Prix and the highest prize worldwide – "Clown D’or", won Walt Disney Studio's choice award and the prize of Monaco Clubs Association for the best background music.
In 1999 Rizoma performance was opened at Kiev I. Franko Theater, subsequently shown in the largest German cities, in Athens and Monte Carlo as part of European tour. This performance completely shot by German television was broadcasted for audience from Germany, Switzerland and France.    
In 2003 Zalevskiy's plastic theater was established named after his famous performance – Rizoma.
In 2009, in Berdichev, the grand opening of Rizoma art studio took place, based on the old cultural centre at the expense of Mr. Zalevskiy.

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