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Motion Trio


Motion TrioMotion Trio, based in 1996 by Yanuch Voytarovich, the leader of group and the author of the majority of compositions, literally from a threshold has declared: "Any "Under the sky of Paris" and other useless under an accordion. Only the refined avant guarde, fate and a jazz, abruptly involved on an aesthetics of the western show". Then musicians with success have subdued the Europe, have fulfilled world tours, have acted with Bobby Macferryn and have caught Grand Prix at the most prestigious competition of modern chamber music of name Penderetskiy.

On three accordionsthey do for what Pink Floyd have involved bulky electronic equipment. To each tool attached two microphones, and squall of low frequencies for two hours forces listeners to forget at all, that before them not the rock group, and a trio of accordionists.

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